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Cross Paws
Collie dog crossing paws, double-cross, dog trick

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Bonnie learns the dog trick, 'Double-Cross Your Paws'.

Movie duration: 46 seconds


There are the standard dog tricks that I have always taught, but occassionally I like to try a new one. 'Cross Your Paws' is a trick that took me a while to teach Bonnie. After she learned it really well, I decided to take it a little further and expand the trick to the Double-Cross.

Before you start, make sure your dog has learned the first Cross Your Paw trick (link is below.) Then teach her to do the Double-Cross exactly the same way you taught the Cross Paw trick, this time using the other paw. Your dog will probably understand this trick much easier this time around. Good luck!

Be sure to teach this trick separate from
the first Cross Your Paws. Practice them separately at different times so your dog won't confuse the two. You might want to have different hand signals for each trick.


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