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Marisa, age 13, Jack Russell Terrier and Labrador Retriever, Spike and Chango (CHON-GO)
Kayla, age 13, North Carolina USA, Great Dane, Moe
Michael, age 8, North Carolina USA,  Australian Shepherd, Chowder
Beth, age 15, Texas USA , Australian Shepherds, George and Gracie
Taylor, age 13, Connecticut USA, Toy Poodle , PJ
Siffat, age 13, Fiji islands, German Shepherd/Labrador Retriever, Candy

Jessica, Michigan USA, Chow/ Labrador Retriever, Bailey
Crystal, age 13, New Jersey USA, Golden Retriever, Duke JR
Casey, age 12, Tennessee USA , Bichon Frise, Dasher
Haley, age 9, Tennessee USA , Bichon Frise, Dasher
Laura, age 12, Pennsylvania USA, Collie, Sasha

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Abbey, age 17, Wisconsin USA, Poodle/Shih Tzu, Munchkin
Jennifer, age 14, Minnesota USA, Mixed Breed, Molly
Trisha, age 12, New York USA, Maltese/Poodle, Bandit
Julie, age 13, Florida USA, Toy Poodle, Paquita
Ada, age 13, Quebec, Canada, Labrador and a Basset Hound, Goldie and Luscious

Allie, age 13, Florida USA, Shetland Sheepdog, Mollie
Elizabeth, age 9, Georgia USA,  Pit Bull\Lab,  Tiger
Shanta, age 15, Mississippi USA, Poodle, Catrina
Sarah, age 13, Illinois USA, Sydney
Stephenie, age 10, Ontario, Canada, Lhasa Apso, Patches

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Stephanie, age 13, Saskatchewan, Canada, Bichon Frise, Tiger
Anna, age 14, New Mexico USA, German Shepherd, Rex
Amber, age 15, Ohio USA, Chow Mix, Sassy Mae
Sm, age 15, Collie, Pluto

Libby, age 13, Gloucestershire, Uk, Border Collie, Holly Jr
Alexandria, age 13, Delaware USA, Boxer, Zoe
Orpha, age 13, Alaska USA, Poodles and Rottweiler/German Shepherd, Angel, Chocolate, Duke
Angelica, age 16, Mexico, Irish Setter, Camila
Justin, age 14, Bermuda, Pit Bull, Trooper

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Ashley, age 13, Darmstadt Germany, German Shepherd Mix, Kaylee
K, age 13, West Highland Terrier, Max
Chantel, age 14, British Columbia, Canada, Alaskan Malamute, Quinn
Kara, age 13, Indiana USA, Black Lab, Grizzly
Myah, age 13, Minnesota USA, Shih Tzus, Noah and Ivy

Sarah, age 14, Arizona USA, Australian Shepherd mix and Mixed Breed, Dusty and Daisy
Katie, age 13, Connecticut USA , Labrador Retriever/Shepherd, Bingo
Sam, age 14, New York USA, Labrador Retriever, Butch
Amanda, age 14, Wisconsin USA, Mixed Breed
Kelleigh, age 11, Arizona USA, Labrador Retriever, Britta

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Emma, age 7, Michigan USA, Maltese, Heidi
Laura, age 9, Virginia USA, Golden Retriever, Molly
Shawna, age 12, Massachusetts USA, Rottweiler, Pekingese, & Pomeranian, Lexi, Peeko, & Shadow
Liliane, age 15, Canada, Golden Retriever, Jessie
Joy, age 14 , Massachusetts USA, Pit Bull, Labrador Retriever, Buster and Crystal

Jasna, age 13 , Melbourne, Australia, Pomeranian, Sally
Constance, age 13, Chihuahua, Sandy
Tiffany, age 12, California USA, Pomeranian, Scooter
Autumn, age 13, Mixed Breed, Saddie
Elizabeth, age 9, New Jersey USA, Golden Retriever, Cocker Spaniel mix, Fidget

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Lynne, age 13, Maine USA, Labrador/German Shepherd, Gretel
Jen, age 13, Indiana USA, American Cocker Spaniels, Dicke and Picke
Lynsi, age 14, Texas USA, Labrador, Rocky
Ashleigh, age 13, Australia, Golden Retriever, Molly
Erin, age 13, Florida USA, Boxer, Phantom

Heather, age 15, Texas USA, Timber Wolf, Sky
Holly, age 15, Tennessee USA, Poodle, Lollypop
Sammi, age 13, Pennsylvania USA, Pit Bull, Oreo
Joanna, age 13 , Malaysia, Rottweiler, Richie
Fiona, age 14, Cork, Ireland, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Lady

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Kara, age 15 , Nebraska USA, Golden Retriever, Bo
Allison, age 9, Virginia USA, Beagle, Cumbers
Anna, age 14, Washington USA, Samoyed, Poldark
Ayasha, age 13, Florida USA, Golden Retriever, Sheepdog/Terrier, Tiger Cat, Cody, Sugar, Clyde
Rachel, age 10, Georgia USA , Rottweiler/Shepherd, Chase

James, age 8, Rotorua, New Zealand, Shih Tzu, Little Linsie
Erika, age 11, Arizona USA, Labrador/Dachshund, Davito
Lizzie, age 13, Illinois USA, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Tessie
Brittney, age 13, Georgia USA, Pug and Boston Terrier, Matilda And Burt
Tori, age 8, Kentucky USA, Bichon Frise, Kado

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Lindsey, age 14, Michigan USA, Boxer/Labrador, Bonnie
Klaudia, age 14, England, Dogue De Bordeaux, Gypsy
Kyle, age 13, Oregon USA, Golden Retriever, Maxamum (Max)
Victor, age 14, Texas USA, Rottweiler, Lady Nicole Mashall
Jennifer, age 14, Ohio USA, Miniature Poodle, Ginger

Emily, age 13, Arizona USA, Rottweiler, Maggie
Hannah, age 15, Alabama USA, German Shorthair Pointer, Ned
Vannie, age 13, Singapore, Yorkie, Dionsyus
Janelle, age 14, Kansas USA, Labrador, Henrey
Sarah, age 13, United Kingdom, Jack Russell Terrier, Toby

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Sam, age 13, USA, Golden Retrievers, Rose and Sallie
Jen, age 15, Ontario Canada, Golden Retriever, Fergus
Sara, age 14, British Columbia, Canada, Rottweiler, Ozzie
J.D, age 14 Canada, Jack Russell Terrier, Cookie
Clara, age 11, California USA, German Shepherd, Jasper

Kate, age 9, New Jersey USA, Labrador Retriever, Molly
Michelle, age 16, Texas USA, Shih Tzu, Buttons
Megan, age 14, Sydney NSW Australia, Maltese Terriers, Snowy and Buddy
Mara, age 13, Philippines, Dalmatian, Ivor
Beck, age 13, Michigan USA, Mutt, Sid

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Katerina, age 14, New Jersey USA, American Cocker Spaniel & Old English Sheepdog, Willie and Liza
Kurt and Kate, age 17, Illinois USA, Golden Retriever, Cody
Jonathon, age 13, Missouri USA, Beagle, Kirby
Tory, age 13, Ontario Canada, Golden Retriever, Buddy
Emma, age 13, New Brunswick, Canada, White Boxer, Jasper

Jenna, age 13, Florida USA, Shetland Sheepdog, Yogi
Heather, age 13, Georgia USA, Mixed Labrador and Mixed Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Snoop and Chanc
Jaclyn, age 11, American Eskimos, Tigger and Kokomo
Jaylene, age 13, Arizona USA, Rottweilers, Janga And Dallas
K, age 11, Pennsylvania USA, Labrador Retriever, Onyx

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Trey, age 14, North Carolina, USA, Cocker Spaniel, Jazz
Janae, age 13, Kansas USA, Jack Russell Terrier, P.J. (Pepper Jack)
Stephanie, age 8, Utah USA, Labrador Retriever, Ginger May
Lisa, age 13, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, Cocker Spaniel, Abby
Amanda, age 10, Illinois USA, Beagle, Lily

Tera, age 12, Virginia USA, Poodle, Katie
Samantha, age 11, New Jersey USA, Dalmatians, Chance and Diesel
Haywood, age 18, Ohio USA, Rottweiler, Tasha
Alisha, age 15, Michigan USA, Golden Retriever, Beau
Jenna, age 13, California USA, Border Collie, Cody

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Eric, age 14, Ohio USA, Jack Russell Terrier, Skyler
Lorna, age 13, Lancashire, UK, Golden Retriever, Charlie
age 13, Missouri USA, Bull Terrier mix, Tippy
Jenny, age 13, Florida USA, Golden Retriever, Cookie
age 14, New York USA, Corgi, Kelly

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Cole, age 5, Illinois USA, Maltese and Pomeranian, Gem and Cupid
age 14, California USA, Angel
, age 14, New Jersey USA, Toy Poodle, Copper
, age 13, Kentucky USA, Husky, Scruffy
, age 16, Maine USA, Pit Bull and Rottweiler, Daizee-Mae, Aimus-Moses

Amanda, age 13, Michigan USA, Mutt, Doby
age 14, Indiana USA, Mixed Breed, German Shepherd/Collie, Bart and Gabby
, age 13, New Jersey USA, Japanese Spitz, Luna
, age 12, New Jersey USA, Rottweiler, Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Long-Haired Chihuahua, Kiera, Champ, And Petie
, age 9, New York USA, Collie, Poodle, Labrador, Peaches, Cody, and J.J.

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Savannah, age 15, Wisconsin USA, Yorkshire Terrier/Poodle, Sadie
age 13, Minnesota USA, Golden Retriever/Labrador, Sonni
, age 13, Louisiana USA, Rottweiler, Jake
, age 13, Maryland USA, Yorkshire Terrier/Poodle, Ginger
, age 13, Nevada USA, Jack Russell Terrier, Sam

Jessica, age 9, Pennsylvania USA, Beagle Mix, Socks
age 13, Kentucky USA, Chinese Crested Powderpuff, Peanut
, age 16, Michigan, Collie, Lassy
, age 16, Utrecht, The Netherlands, Border Collie, Laika
Florencio, age 13, Illinois USA, Cocker Spaniel, Chispita

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Jeannine, age 13, Canada, Poodle/Terrier, Patches
, age 14, Canada, Poodle/Terrier, Sheba
, age 16, South Dakota USA, Border Collie mix, Lady
Kentucky USA, Brittany Spaniel, Fiest, Mix, Charlie, Sassie, Max
, age 13, Illinois USA, Rottweiler, Chocolate Labrador, Maggie, Paulie

Stephanie, age 16, Tennessee USA, Pomeranian, Zan
, age 11, Colorado USA, Chow/Labrador, Taffy
age 10, North Carolina USA, Golden Retriever, Sugar Belle
, age 10, Massachusetts USA, Labrador Retriever, Lucky Diamond
age 13, Florida USA, Cocker Spaniel, Fredi

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Brandy, age 13, Maryland USA, Pit Bull, Sheba
age 14, Connecticut USA, Dachshund, Tatum
, age 14, Minnesota USA, Mixed Breed, Zoro
, age 10, Louisiana USA, Dachshund, BoBo
, age 13, Ohio USA, Akita, Hercules


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