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Bonnie the Collie (from the beginning)

There are so many choices when it comes to exercising your puppy. The first thing you probably think of is walking your pup, which is an excellent activity. But exercise is a little more challenging when the puppy can't go away from the house for a walk.

Bonnie is not finished with her vaccinations. These are shots that prevent her from getting sick. After a puppy stops nursing from its mother, she has no protection from diseases until she gets these shots. On August 20th, Bonnie will get her last set of vaccinations and on August 24th, she can go for her first walk in the neighborhood. We can't wait!

Meanwhile, we have to get exercise wherever we can. Now exercise doesn't just help Bonnie. Exercising Bonnie helps me, too. When Bonnie is burning energy by chasing a ball or fetching a toy, she is tiring herself out.

puppy running

It may take a while, because puppies have so much energy. But after all that exercise, Bonnie will find a cool place and go to sleep. And when she's sleeping, she's not chewing on my favorite shoes.

Bonnie wakes up at about six o'clock in the morning. She goes outside to relieve herself. Then we play for a while with a few toys. After that, she eats her breakfast. I save some food from her meal and put it in a Kong toy which she plays with after her meal. A little while later we go outside and play with dog toys again. I throw the rope toys and balls for her to fetch. I get her running around the yard. She has a great time.

pup squeezing a ball

At about eight-thirty she tires out and finds her cool spot and falls asleep. Here's the best part: Bonnie will sleep for a couple of hours. That means I get to rest now and that's good for both of us.

puppy sleeping on the floor

The more you interact with your dog, the happier your dog will be. And if you tire your dog out, she won't be getting into trouble. How's your dog's exercise schedule? Are you getting any rest?


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