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Bonnie the Collie (from the beginning)

I think it's very important for Bonnie to come when I call her, so one of the first commands I taught little Bonnie was to come to me when I blow a dog whistle. I bought the dog whistle at a pet store. They cost about $10.00.


First I conditioned Bonnie to hear the whistle. I had Bonnie sit or stand in front of me. I blew the whistle and gave her a tasty, little treat. I did it again. I blew the whistle and fed Bonnie several times. Later in the day, I repeated this.I conditioned Bonnie for two days. By then, she was hoping for a treat every time she heard the whistle.

The next step was to move a short distance from Bonnie, and blow the whistle. If she ran to me, she got a treat. I did this several times during the day, each time increasing my distance from Bonnie. She learned this very fast!

Today, I decided to try the dog whistle outside in the yard while Bonnie was playing. She was across the yard, quite a distance away. She heard the whistle and immediately came running!

Bonnie comes running.

Wouldn't it be great to have your dog respond like this? We will practice with the dog whistle a couple of times everyday now. Some days Bonnie will get pieces of her dog food for treats and other days she'll get fantastic treats. Sometime, she might not get a treat at all. That makes Bonnie respond even faster, hoping that this time, she'll get the reward.

Bonnie is only 12 weeks old and she seems to love learning. I can't wait to teach her more things. I think she's very smart!


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