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Bonnie the Collie (from the beginning)

Bonnie is a very confident puppy and I want her to stay confident as she grows up. One thing that helps a dog's attitude is to teach them to run through an obstacle course. Another name for this activity is agility because it develops the agility of the dog.

Going through the obstacle course helps Bonnie learn to use and control all parts of her body. She learns to pay attention to me for direction because I point out which way to go. Agility helps her develop good balance and control of her actions. Her muscles and heart become stronger.

The obstacle course I set up was very simple and easy to do.
Here's what I used:

This box is what people use for step-up exercises. At first I used this by itself and taught Bonnie to step up and then off.

Step up exercise

This is a ramp that's used for dogs who cannot walk up stairs.
I set it on the step-up box.

ramp for obstacle course

I purchased this small trampoline for $5.00 at a yard sale. Bonnie learned to get on the trampoline a week before we did the obstacle course. We got on it everyday for a week.


This is a simple hoola hoop.
Bonnie just steps in and out of it.

hula hoop for obstacle course

I put all of these items together and added the pink swimming noodle and this is what it looks like. The noodle is wide. Bonnie has to step higher than average to get over it.

agility course

We have been practicing this course for about five days and I try to do it at least once everyday. I give Bonnie treats as she walks through it. I have seen her use the box, the ramp, and trampoline on her own, even when I'm in the house. She enjoys the activity.

Obstacle or agility courses are fun and you can make them more complicated as your dog improves. Try it! You'll like it and so will your dog!

Check out the video of Bonnie running through this course!


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