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Bonnie the Collie (from the beginning)

Bonnie is at the stage where everything is interesting to her. Because she's getting a little taller almost every day, she's discovering new things all the time. Yesterday, she became tall enough to put her front feet on the kitchen counter, but luckily she still can't see what's on it.

This morning Bonnie discovered toilet paper. Imagine what a fun toy that can be. There it is, just hanging on the wall at a perfect height for a puppy's mouth. We had only turned our backs for a moment, when this is what we saw.

puppy in bathroom

Puppies get into things and I need to have a plan for everything Bonnie might do. Being prepared allows me to react quickly to what she's doing. I don't want to get mad at her because she's just a puppy, and puppies do these kinds of things. It's completely normal and they think it's really fun.

There are several ways to solve this toilet paper challenge.

1. The easiest is to always supervise Bonnie until she is mature enough to be alone in the house. For Bonnie, this will be a long time, maybe a year.

2. Another way is to keep the bathroom door closed. Sounds easy enough.

3. I could also teach Bonnie the command to 'Leave it' and then teach her to 'Leave it' with the toilet paper. This will take several lessons and lots of practice.

4. The last solution is to take the toilet paper off of the rack and put it up higher, where Bonnie can't reach it.

I thought about this for awhile. Teaching 'Leave it' might take a while and since I have so many other things to teach Bonnie right now, I'll wait on that just a little while.

I've decided to choose a combination of the methods above. I'm going to keep the door to one bathroom closed. The second bathroom is a walk-through, so we need to keep it open. I'll take the roll of paper off the wall and put it on the sink, just in case Bonnie gets away from me again.

Last, I'll continue to supervise her as much as humanly possible. I want Bonnie to be successful with her learning. That helps her be a happier, well-behaved dog.

Someday soon, Bonnie will be able to see what's on top of the kitchen counter, too, and unlike the toilet paper, I'll be prepared for it this time. I'm keeping an eye on you, Bonnie!


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